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txtAfter the classroom training we make it a point to give everyone live training through apprenticeship programs.


Separate course for safety is provided to our students to make sure that nothing goes wrong in the workplace.


The Accepted Observer Training helps the candidates to give more attention to the details which will result in flawless work.

Fast, Professional Roofing Services

Designed and Dedicated To Training The Entire Roofing Industry.

The training programs that are conducted at Lift Education are designed by the experts to meet the industrial needs.


Specialty Classes


Apprenticeship Programs


Job Training Hours


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  • Homeowners are usually shocked after we tell them concerning what number completely different choices there are for asphalt shingles. They appear therefore alike for many those that they assume there are only 1 or 2 types. Of course, not many folks are up on rooftops staring at shingles all day or swing a roof along. It will take an older eye to visualize the variations in varieties of shingles. Besides, in a colder climate like Michigan, it may make more sense for most people to choose a dark color. Dark colored shingles attract and absorb a lot of heat from the sun, which might profit a house interior within the winter. However, on the flipside identical is true in summer. That is why sensible ventilation and insulation are therefore necessary altogether climates. I’m here to tell you, though, that there are not only different colors of asphalt shingles, there are different shapes and ways to put shingles on a roof. If you knew this already, that is great.
    Architectural Shingles Architectural shingles also are known as dimensional or laminate shingles. They have a distinct look from the standard 3-tab shingles in this they are available in varied shapes and sizes. Additionally, they have a more dimensional look to them much like a wooden shake, or a tile has dimension. You could conceivably get the advantages of an asphalt shingle roof, which is reasonably low-maintenance, with the look of a cedar shake roof with an architectural shingle.

    • Architectural shingles have a more extended warranty because they are thicker than most 3-tab shingles.
    • They have a minimum 30-year guarantee.
    • They are rated to resist higher wind speeds than 3-tab shingles.
    • If they are correctly installed and maintained, they can raise a home’s value because they are preferred over 3-tab.
    • Architectural shingles are more popular in the roofing market.
    • Architectural shingles weigh up to 50% more than 3-tab shingles, which are already massive. This could create a retardant if your home is not structurally prepared for that load.
    • They cost more than 3-tab shingles.

    3-Tab Shingles Traditional shingles are the 3-tab variety. They are the shingles folks most frequently come with asphalt roofing. They come in a single tab form, even if they're offered in an exceeding type of colors. Besides, 3-tab shingles lie flat to the roof decking and build a clean style with neat-looking lines on your roof.
    • 3-tab shingles weigh less than architectural shingles because they are composed of less material.
    • They are less expensive than architectural shingles.
    • They are still used in many residential properties for their affordable price. The higher initial value of field shingles may be preventive for a few builders.
    • 3-tab shingles are less thick than architectural shingles, so they need to be replaced sooner.
    • They have a flat appearance which can be less preferable than dimensional shingles.
    • They are on the decline in popularity.

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