problems with education system

Problems With Education System

Formalization of problems with education system

Global monitoring indicates that the essence of the problems with education system is that our college is strong in formal know-how, however in no way robust in sensible information. That is, the content material of the school curriculum is formally at a high stage, but schoolchildren regularly do no longer know the way to integrate understanding from special regions (this is specifically honestly visible in the examples of PISA). They take into account this system they’ve completed, but they can’t extract real opportunities from it within the destiny; it’s far difficult for children to use meta-subjectivity and combinatory of knowledge from exceptional industries with recognize to non-trivial responsibilities

Faculties are pretty dependent on the consequences they show all through checks and exams, so many educators consciously region greater emphasis on making ready children for a success trying out and tests than on meaningful teaching. This problems with education system is already seen from the ultimate grade of simple school, in which the characteristic of “monitoring, checking and comparing” is executed by means of VPR, designed simplest to expose problems with education system.

Ultimate yr. this was also actively manifested within the media area: the Ministry of schooling announced that it was reducing the quantity of exams at college, and additionally once again known as for remembering the genuine goal of the VPR, without changing the essence with cramming and coaching on general exams, thousands and thousands of which are posted on the internet. But, this try and slightly enhance the state of affairs has now not yet been very a hit, due to the fact the school officially reviews that there are fewer manipulate and tests, but in truth continues to behavior them. 

There are also vintage pains: in school manuals there are nevertheless tasks about Masha, who buys a jar of jam for 3 kopecks

problems with education system

A separate difficulty is the content material of textbooks. There are also antique pains: in faculty manuals there are nevertheless duties about Masha, who buys a jar of jam for 3 kopecks; From time immemorial, youngsters write dictations with words like “irradiation”. Most educators characteristic this trouble to the low great of the paintings of groups of authors and methodologists who assemble textbooks.

Further, the vector for the emasculation of content material is plain. For example, from Efrosinina’s original studying textbook for basic school, we now see a pitiful resemblance: famous works, such as the equal excerpts from Harry Potter, have disappeared, however there are numerous patriotic poems. Certainly, the interest of the contemporary child on this textbook is reduced. One by one, you can compare the illustrative series that accompany the content material.

Can this problems with education system be solved? We always keep in mind that there may be a textbook, there are youngsters and there is a instructor. Sure, instructors are forced to follow the line, however an internally unfastened instructor will always find a way to make his challenge such that kids can be satisfied to study it (irrespective of what guide is at the table). As usually, we see that the success of every elegance depends on the teachers, their strength of mind and internal freedom.

Instructors nevertheless have the right to pick from the list of recommended textbooks of the FSES line, they are able to nevertheless advocate manuals now not from the FSES line as additional (of course, with out the requirement to “make certain to buy” and without the right to conduct certification for added advantages). However this isn’t a mass practice, many instructors do no longer have the resources, opportunities, even enough education,

Problems With Education System And Motivation

There are several universities in Russia that completely train future teachers, their graduates are quite in call for on the market. Some other element is that faculty is a completely specific career trajectory. A trainer has tough possibilities for professional increase: it regularly occurs which you come to paintings as an basic school instructor and after forty years you retire within the same repute. If you do not tackle a steady additional workload and do now not enhance your skills, you can’t grow as a specialist, get a brand new category. Or even if that is completed, often the problems with education system disappoints young experts – and they depart the college.

The problems with education system of present day categories does now not absolutely correspond to what’s without a doubt required of it, it very poorly displays the improvement of the trainer, and no longer simply his transition from one category to another. The word “certificates” has emerge as synonymous with advanced schooling for instructors.

A separate line is the regular vulnerability of the trainer and his defenselessness (with regular public words approximately appreciate for the profession), and the trainer is beneath the gun now not most effective of officers and control, however also of parents. What can you be punished for? Creatively approached the education of the lesson? Clean. Did you provide a number of homework? Clean. Did not provide? Even less difficult. The risk of a regular “what is going to appear to us for it” is by no means a space for creativity, so it’s easier to fo

It’s miles clean that during this example, teachers have problems with education system with motivation and professional burnout. On the university, the future trainer is given the same desires in existence and profession, however all this is replaced by using absolutely one-of-a-kind ones when confronted with the machine on the first actual workplace. This is how inner motivation dies, and external motivation, along with expressed in wages, is regularly absent initially. 

There is a legislative regulation, consistent with which the revenue cannot be beneath a certain threshold, however in a number of regions the prices are at the bottom level. We used to assume that the teacher has a protracted vacation, however in fact it’s miles very short and he can’t spend it as he would like. He’s busy with the Unified state examination and the Unified nation examination for 1/2 the summer, and then he starts off evolved to put together the college for September. While kids and mother and father cross someplace in iciness, instructors are already making ready for the 1/3 quarter.

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